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In the beginning...

I picked up a "real" camera just after our first child was born. It was a love affair from the start and I quickly put my camera to work. My original intention was to become a wedding photographer but God had other plans, as he often times does. I was blessed by the amazing experience of being a surrogate mother for a really wonderful family. The moment their baby girl was placed in her mother's arms I was deeply touched and wished I had my camera to capture the miracle God allowed us to witness that day. I decided to change gears and focus on babies and families. I truly love what I do.  

My Experience

It started so small, shooting for friends and family, following my kids around, trips to the aquarium... Then in 2008 I shot the first OSHA Oil and Gas Safety Conference. Not only was it a "real gig," but I got to meet hometown hero, retired Houston Oiler, coach Bum Phillips. It was very cool and a wonderful learning experience. 

In 2009 my photos from the first annual Menard "Around the Campfire" event were published in the Summer issue of Texas Hill Country Magazine.  Being a part of that particular magazine was very special to me. After all, the Texas Hill Country is where I grew up. 

Since then I have grown into photography and continue to learn with each new experience. Being able to spend time doing the things I love is something I am truly grateful for. 

About the photographer